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Yoga clothes for women

Best gym leggings 2020- the ultimate guide

Take a look at my guide to yoga pants and squat proof leggings for women. There’s something for every personality from elegant black, always in fashion, to the more more funky designs. You might like seamless options to get a sleek silhouette, and for comfort and ease, high waisted pants are the way to go. Here are 7 brands I recommend trying right now.

1. BAM- Enduro

Top of the list right now not only for their eco credentials but also the pure feel, all the leggings at BAM are wonderfully soft and comfortable. I can personally recommend the Enduro- they’re very supportive for yoga and you could wear them for running and other outdoor activities if so inclined. The company has grown since I first ordered from them over 10 years ago. They have a strong focus on treating their suppliers and the planet fairly and the products can hold their own in the market. They might at first appear a little pricey, but bamboo is a very durable fibre and if you work out the probable cost per wear it’s a no-brainer. You can check out their list here. I love that you can get some with pockets and 7/8 fit if you like a shorter style or if you’re under 5ft 4 tall. The colours are lovely and I’m a great fan of these. Buy them from here and you'll be sure of an 'Ahimsa' pair of leggings!

2. Yahmadhi

You may not have heard of Yamadhi yoga clothing but it’s a great choice if you’re not a fan of spandex. Yahmadi leggings are manufactured in the EU, and made of breathable organic cotton and soft, cosy viscose. These leggings also contain elastane to allow you to fully move in your yoga poses. What I love about these is that they have a high crossed waistband which keeps you in and they are really well made. I mostly don’t wear them for yoga but instead with boots and a long cardigan. They are really versatile, amazing quality, very wearable and a good fit. They’re great if you have to go out straight after a class. If you want a pair of black leggings you can dress up and also use for yoga these are the ones. I get all my black leggings from here and they are great. They're also Oeko-Tex 100 certified which means the fabric has been tested and certified to be free from more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health. Buy here.

3. Sweaty Betty

I could not really write this ultimate guide to yoga pants without including the most iconic of all in the UK, Sweaty Betty. The brand speaks for itself, even though they are a little more pricey than most. You can be assured that they will last and so the cost per wear will be worth it. The selection in huge and there really is something for everyone. Whilst this could be quite daunting to choose, what I love about them is that they have a quiz to help you decide which leggings are right for you and their leggings come in 3 different lengths. You can check out the quiz here. My best choice is shown in the image and they really are awesome but there's lots of opportunity for you to agree to differ and still find your perfect pair. These particular ones are 7/8 Power gym leggings in a grey tortoiseshell print- advertised as 'bum sculpting'. You can’t go far wrong with any of their yoga pants, though, especially if you enter your preferences into the quiz. You can also be assured they are exceptional quality. They also offer you !5% off your first order.

See the whole range and buy here

4. People Tree

Next in the list is a company with a small selection but huge eco credentials. I first bought from People Tree around 2002 when they hadn’t been going long and I have never been disappointed by their organic cotton. It’s GOTS certified with 5% elastane content to allow for a full range of movement and the leggings are thick with a thick high-rise waistband. You’re never going to be embarrassed in these and they are extremely comfortable. They come in plain classic black but also some two tone versions in blue/black and blue/purple with a bit more of a sporty vibe. I can honestly say these are unbeatable for their fair trade credentials, price and quality. They usually only have a small selection, so my recommendations could have sold out! Keep an eye open for new offerings too. At least you know they are not getting stuck with stock that's cluttering up the planet...

Buy here and browse People Tree

5. Girlfriend Collective

Another wonderful company on the sustainability score is Girlfriend Collective. Their brand is fairly new and definitely worth exploring. You wouldn’t think it could happen but each pair of their leggings is made with 25 recycled plastic bottles. The idea is fabulous, innovative and sustainable and the leggings come in loads of vibrant colours plus more demure shades so there’s something for everyone. They also have a range of other sustainable clothing which has a lot of street cred. Another thing I love about Girlfriend Collective is that they feature their collection on real bodies and are socially accountable. You’ll have to be quick though, they also seem to sell out really fast! If you discover this brand and start to love them, you'll probably have a range of different colours before long, and you can feel sure they are guilt-free. Girlfriend Collective are not cheap, but they are forward thinking and fabulous. I think I'll be ordering from them very soon. Their reviews are great and you know you're doing something positive for the planet. Buy here.

6. Fabletics

Finally, if you do yoga, go to the gym and run frequently you may want to consider joining Fabletics. I have been a VIP member for years and have had some good deals from them in the past. The way it works is that you get a discounted outfit to start with and then commit their scheme. If you just want to get the outfit you can cancel straight away, no questions asked. They send an email every month and you can choose an outfit. If you don't want to buy anything at all, it's fine, you can just skip at any time. The downside is you need to remember to press SKIP before the 5th of each month– if you don’t, your bank gets charged £44 and you get credit in your account to purchase something. I actually set a reminder on my phone so I skip- but then may order something later if I like. That said, they have some tempting offers and quite often feature further reductions so on the rare occasions I have forgotten, it has never been a problem for me as I like the designs and the quality. I suppose that’s how they make their money. Apart from the footwear, which I wasn't impressed with, I honestly think their products are great. Who needs trainers when you do yoga anyway? The best of all are the high waisted Powerhold leggings; they stay up, feel good and there are usually loads of options. They do a lot of good bundles, show you what the clothes look like on different body sizes and make an effort to be inclusive of all body shapes. They have a great plus size range too. If you check out their sustainability policy, they seem to be making progress but not up to the high standards of other brands I’ve found recently so this may be something to consider. It's certainly something that's making me think more these days. Check out the VIP scheme and join Fabletics here.

Please note that I independently source all of the products that I feature. If you buy from the links I may receive an affiliate commission, at no extra cost to you, which in turn supports my work.

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