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Local Lemon Zest Yoga teacher Eleanor Chitham

Embark on a journey with me, connecting mind and body through the transformative power of yoga. My yoga story began in the vibrant 1980s at Leeds University, and I vividly remember the radiant afterglow that fueled my Thursday night dance sessions in Hyde Park. Through life's twists and turns—teaching English in Europe, navigating mortgages, and embracing the bustling demands of a full-time job—I found solace and strength in yoga.

As a devoted yoga teacher since 2018, my passion lies in fostering a welcoming community, especially for beginners. Rooted in mindfulness, my classes blend Hatha flow, Yoga Nidra, and restorative practices. Drawing inspiration from nature and philosophy, I weave these elements into both classes and extended workshops.

My journey of learning has taken me through diverse trainings, from Judith Hanson Lasater's Relax and Renew program to Qi Gong for Yoga teachers with Mimi Kuo-Deemer. Constantly updating my skills, I've delved into anatomy with experts like Lesley Dike and Kristine Kaoverii Weber. A certified Mandala Ashram Yoga Nidra practitioner, I embrace the timeless wisdom of yoga's roots, evident in my latest training in November 2023.

My heart lies with Om Yoga Works in Farsley and Lemon Zest Yoga in Pudsey, where supportive communities flourish. Striving for inclusivity, I'm on a mission to make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of shape, size, gender, or ethnicity. If you've felt unseen in the yogic world, join me—I'm actively working on diversifying my classes.

Having experienced the challenges of stress, single parenthood, migraines, and aging, I bring empathy and understanding to my teaching. Beyond yoga, I offer support through hypnotherapy, reiki, and counselling skills. If any of this resonates with you, let's connect—whether on the mat, through Zoom, or face to face. Your yoga journey awaits!

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