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'I've been to several yoga classes over the years and Ellie's have by far been the most enjoyable. She is knowledgeable and helpful and provides guidance and adjustments to each student as needed. She makes everyone feel welcome with her warmth and genuine interest and I leave every week feeling refreshed and relaxed.' Jill
I plucked up the courage to try Ellie’s yoga class a year ago and am so glad I did. Ellie is very welcoming and is more than happy to adapt yoga positions if your body can’t manage them. I have made some wonderful friends from the lovely class. It helps me mentally and physically and is good for your confidence.' Catherine.

'A brilliant class to help you unwind after a hectic day, lovely friendly teacher.' Keely.

'I had my first ever go at Yoga over a year ago with Ellie. I never start new hobbies on my own so I was a bit nervous but Ellie (and all of the yogis) are super friendly and welcoming. I’ve been going now most weeks for a year and it’s such a lovely class. Ellie is a fantastic yoga teacher!' Abigail.

'Just discovered Ellie, definitely recommend her classes, friendly teacher and pitches the content to all levels of ability. So if you're starting out on your yoga journey or already established go along and give them a try. Namaste 🙏' Kath.

'Lovely lady and fantastic yoga instructor xx' Patsy.

'Really look forward to my Wednesday & Friday yoga sessions with Ellie. Lots of variety & challenges. Helps keep me calm & positive throughout the week 😊' Tracey.

'Great sessions, very welcoming.' Helen.

'As someone completely new to yoga, Ellie made me feel at ease straight away. I love how relaxed I feel after class.' Wendy.

'Ellie is a great teacher and I really love that she actually discusses the poses and any background information about them as she takes the class. I feel like I learn something new every week. She’s really fab at correcting postures quickly and is always encouraging and flexible at making her sessions suit all yogi-levels!' Jacobs Engineering
I sometimes find the beginning of a yoga session somewhat difficult as I am very aware I am at work in a meeting room, but within 10 minutes I’m much more relaxed and only focused on myself / the yoga mat. I feel the breathing techniques Ellie has been teaching is really useful to practice at my desk if I have a moment to spare during a busy work day or around a deadline to control stress / re-focus. I really look forward to our weekly yoga sessions and it is a great way to mark the middle of the week. It’s also a great way to connect and catch up with colleagues I don’t often see (e.g. because they work on different floors in the office). Regularly attending Ellie’s yoga sessions has encouraged me to attend classes outside of work which has lead to a more active lifestyle." Jacobs Engineering

"Starting to get fitter – I don’t get time during the week to attend other classes closer to home so it is good to have one “on the doorstep” immediately after I’ve finished work."
Jacobs Engineering
"It’s a lovely end to the day and gives you the time to stretch out all of those aches and joints that have built up over the day."
Jacobs Engineering
"I feel much more relaxed and calm after each yoga session. It is great that I can attend these sessions straight after work, as it’s a good time of the day to reduce stress levels. I can then go home feeling much better, as it helps me switch off from work (which I sometime struggle to do).
 Ellie is a great teacher. Her sessions cater for a wide range of skills and abilities. The classes are well structured and build on different techniques each week."
Jacobs Engineering

I have been enjoying more benefits and it has become an essential part of my week, especially that being straight after work without having to travel anywhere for it, it relieves tensions and stresses of the day and is practical.
Jacobs Engineering

 Hatha yoga is very much of a gentle exercise that is not felt like exercise. It is adaptable to every one’ specific needs/strengths. Ellie is listening to people’s need and advising alternatives and/or words of cautions for specific areas like neck, knees, back as we all have our different aches and pains.
Jaobs Engineering

I see an osteopath regularly for my neck and back and the improvement has been noticeable since I have been doing yoga regularly. It keeps me at work really as it helps me to correct my posture and prevent unnecessary pain due to bad posture. Longer term benefits includes hurt prevention too by making the body more supple and ready for various daily life activities like twisting, reaching out for something out of reach."
Jacobs Engineering
“I look forward to my yoga session with Ellie each week now and it benefits me by increasing my flexibility and strength, particularly given that I have osteoarthritis in my knee and neck, and gives me tools I can use to calm my anxiety.”
Jacobs Engineering
"Having Ellie at the office each week is great and extremely convenient and I always look forward to attending. She is very patient and explains each pose with detail, which is something I really appreciate as it’s not always the case with other yoga classes.'
Jacobs Engineering
'I tend to get back pains from sitting down, and having a good stretch always helps. I also found that the exercise really grounds me and helps to turn off for the hour, which then really helps in organising my thoughts and therefore my work and personal life. Huge thanks to Ben for organising and to Ellie for delivering the classes!"
Jacobs Engineering
"My feedback would be that I enjoy the sessions and I am in a much better mood when I leave work after yoga rather than normally. I “float” to the train station rather than storm!!"
Jacobs Engineering
“I have found the weekly yoga classes a really beneficial mid-week relaxation and pick-me up session all in one.  Ellie is a great instructor and very encouraging of everyone regardless of their yoga ability.”
Jacobs Engineering

"I have absolutely loved the inclusion of the yoga sessions in my weekly routine. The opportunity to unwind and relax just by nipping downstairs after work has been truly appreciated and I know that it has made a notable improvement on not just my mental health, but also my physical health. Since starting the sessions, I have far less pain in my back, shoulders and neck and  I’m also feeling less stressed! It’s a real benefit."
Jacobs Engineering

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