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Creating a home yoga space

Tips on how to set up your space and build a habit, step by step

Finding Space

One of the benefits of doing yoga during the lockdown is that people have started to become more comfortable with doing yoga practice at home, either online or following videos. The chances are that you're ready to create a quiet permanent space for it in your home, a place where you can just be.

You could have a little table with flowers, a candle or incense or maybe decorate your fireplace if you have one. The point is to make it feel special to you and relaxing. I've had a small space in my home for yoga for years and you can create one too even if it's just a small corner of a room. I'm not a Buddhist but I follow teachings on compassion, kindness and finding joy. My small Buddha statue is a reminder of that in the midst of our home and my home yoga space is a room where I am never disturbed. I can sit in meditation and be at peace. I return to where I have room to unfurl the yoga mat, listen to music that inspires me and be at one with my practice. It is a sanctuary and very cosy. Having a designated space helps also create a home yoga practice, step by step.

How to get started

If you have been to regular classes you will know how they progress and it is important to centre yourself with the breath at first for a few minutes and warm up before you come to attempt any asana. However, you don't need to think your practice needs to resemble a yoga class- after all teachers train to know all that and are paid to bring it to you! All you need to do at first is listen to your body. Really listen. Where do you need to stretch? Do you need more energy? Do you need to rest and connect to your inner stillness. do you just want to sit or lie down. If you do that, it's just fine.

Buy a bolster!

Chances are you already have a mat, if not click here for my guide. The one thing that really made me love my home space more was having a yoga bolster. It made all the difference to me and I really recommend getting one.

You can expect to pay about £40 for a good bolster. Make sure it has a natural filling like buckwheat or kapok and that it has a removable cover. I use mine every day and it's good to be able to wash it. If I had to recommend just one, my favourite bolster has to be this one. It's called the Maharaja- which means 'Indian Prince'. For good reason! Buy here

Small habits soon become second nature.

So why not start small and make home yoga a new habit? One pose or maybe with a little mindfulness when you drink your morning coffee in your home yoga space? Breathe deeply for 2 minutes with a timer on your phone? See if you can listen to your body. Invest in a bolster. Roll your mat out for just 10 minutes (set that timer) and you might find you end up building on this. Habits take a while to develop but if you do a little bit a day you may find you look forward to it. See where it takes you. If you create a beautiful space you are more likely to back to it time and time again. I do!

(I'm just constructing a bank of poses but there will be more soon, complete with stories to go with them.) uses affiliate links, and if you buy something linked to my website, I may make a small commission from it, at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for your support.

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