I have always been excited by ideas, language, literature, travel and writing so started my career in Barcelona where I trained to be an English teacher. I also tried yoga for the first time in 1985 but never dreamed that this could be a career. After a lifetime of gaining professional and personal experience, working with all kinds of students preparing for exams in an increasingly pressured environment, I realised that the greatest gift we have is our physical and mental health. In 2017 I decided I had an opportunity to use the skills I had gained in teaching, counselling and leadership to make a difference to the wellbeing of many people. The best decisions I have ever made involve going out of my comfort zone and my first step towards a Lemon Zest Life was to train as a Zumba instructor. Although it may not first appear to fit in with yoga, I have a passion for Zumba too. It is a community full of love and dancing together gives me so much life. It's so good to move, to express yourself and be part of the group and I love Latin rhythms and the fact that the songs are mostly in Spanish which is a language I know! It's also an inclusive, fun workout, open to everybody, just like yoga. Once I had done my instructor training I got the courage to really chase my dreams. I trained with YogaCampus to get qualified as a yoga teacher and mindfulness coach. This took 18 months hard work- not to mention coping with a seriously broken elbow and I started  part time, staying in my day job, teaching English too. In July 2019, I made a huge decision to take voluntary redundancy and make this my life. I have never, ever looked back.


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