I had the most marvellous trip to Sorrento in May 2017, just before I started my yoga teacher training.  In fact it had been a long-treasured dream to go there, ever since the age of about 8 and a childish fascination with Pompeii and the Romans. I was not disappointed. What I hadn’t realised was how beautiful and prolific the lemons trees were there. I have always loved lemons; their fresh, lively and amazingly aromatic tang has an exotic feel but at the same time feels reassuringly familiar.
The bright yellow of the fruit contrasts with the blue of sky and sea, enhanced by the brilliance of the green foliage. The Amalfi coast would not be the same without them; it  seems they were brought by the Jews in Roman days. But the lemon groves also offer stability to the landscape. They cling to the terraced hills, planted in all available space on the route up from Sorrento to Massalubrense and beyond. In fact, in terms of the environment they also have a huge part to play, preventing erosion as they put down roots on the steep mountainsides, preserving the soil from hydrogeological instability. There is hardly a family in the area that does not have a small or large plot of land of lemon trees, acquired and maintained with hard work and sacrifice. 
Any discipline starts with a zest for life, practice adds stability and passion adds vibrancy. But do not underestimate the dedication needed. For me, as for the people of Sorrento, a labour of love. I have been on this journey for a while. Now is the time to take it further.


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